Sunday, 23 December 2012


Recently, cik diela selalu sgt watch video orang kahwin, pics2 pre-wedding, attend wedding orang, and selalu nampak stuff pasal orang kahwin.. Thats all make me excited to get married.. HAHA. Baru2 ni tengok video blogger terkenal kite, Maria Elena .. Ini videonya, "Kisah Kami"  Sila klik.. :)

Ermm...? What's wrong with me?? Hehe.. Excited pulaks.. But its depend on my Jodoh.. Huu.. Siapalah 
bakal suami cik diela tu yer? Sama2 kita nantikan. Uhuk2.. But in my plan, I want to finish my study, then working, buy anything that I dream, finally i will marry someone who I Love so much.. hehe..

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