Monday, 30 July 2012

My Belated Birthday [June 2012]

Well.. I know its late to post about my birthday that have passed on middle of June.. But its not too late right, because now its only in July.. :)

For a few past years, I'm not getting gifts more than 3. When I'm growing old, I got less gifts than I was child. Well, this is common to some mature people outside there right? Sometimes, there are some people forgot the date of his/her birthday. LOL ;)

But, for me my birthday is my special day. Even, I'm not getting any gifts from anyone, I'm appreciating my birthday as this day is my born day to this wonderful world. Thanks to Mom and Dad, especially to Allah s.w.t.

Okay, I want to tell some story about my 21st birthday for this year. :)

For this year, my birthday were celebrated with my housemates and my classmates. I'm so happy and touch with their plan. :) I got many gifts from them. Not so many actually, but I'm appreciate that. :D

Ignore the 'keropok ikan' there. hehe :)

After opened :)

Thanks friendssssss : D

There are more gifts that I couldn't snap the pictures. Anyway this year was my best birthday :)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Kini kembali!!

Ewah, tajuk tak boleh tahan kan? hehe. Sorry lah pada yg penah datang blog cik diela tapi tak de post yg terkini.. Antara sebab cik diela lama tak update: 

  • MALAS.
  • Sibuk dgn short sem.. (Study+Exam+Main2) hehe.
  • Dulu tak de beruk band, skrg ade dah.. hehe.
  • MALAS.
  • Tak de mood nak update.
  • Tiada keyakinan diri.. Cewaah.. 
Kesimpulannya di SITU, MALAS... Huu..

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