Saturday, 23 January 2010


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Salam, and hello everyone.In this post,I just want to introduce myself. My name is Diela. I've been to this world for 19 years. I don't believe my age is 19 now. And I'm taking STPM this year or I'm known by a form 6 student. My weight is 40kg now. Can you imagine that, when i was form 2, my weight is 48kg. My height is 153cm. So short huh. But not very short because there are more people shorter than me. haha. I live in Malacca.But i was born in Kuala Lumpur. My grandmother lives there. What a funny life, her granddaughter lives in village but she lives in the town. I'm a happy person and like to laugh. But sometimes,I'm also the lonely person in this life. I have only 2 siblings. I have an older brother.. And i live with my parents. My life is boring but sometimes also fun. People pity at me, because I have only 2 siblings. but to me, it's become common to me.And it's normal to me to be bored at home all day along. I don't believe in best friend.. Because I don't have it. But i have many friends. All the people that think I'm their best friend don't treat me as their really best friend. Thats all about me.

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